Then We Take Berlin is an international Creative Studio specialised in creating memorable Trailers and Content.

We are after that feeling that will keep you on the edge of your seat, the goosebumps, the lump in your throat that will make grown men cry and laugh until you can’t breathe.

We speak your language! Whether you are German, English, Dutch, Polish or Hungarian, we are fluent in your native Creative.

Then We Take Berlin was founded by Nina von dem Bussche in 2011. Half Persian- half German Nina studied at Goldsmiths University in London and spent over 14 years in the UK and Netherlands. In this time she built up an extensive network of talent.

Nina is a judge at the Promax BDA Global Excellence Awards 2019 in New York and a guest lecturer at the Filmuniversität in Potsdam.


PromaxBDA, Eyes & Ears Awards, Deutscher Werbefilm Preis, Davey Awards, Webby Awards, Spotlight Festival, Viral Video Awards and London International Awards.


Zurich Film Festival, Constantin Film, ZDF, Liberty Global, Virgin Media, MTV, Sky, Deutsche Welle and NBC Universal International.